Upcoming Events at the Clubhouse

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions we are not hosting events at the clubhouse.

For information on reserving the clubhouse please click here.


  • Reimagining Park Hill Golf Course Together
    It has been just over a year since Westside purchased the Park Hill Golf Course from Clayton Early Learning. During that time, we have had hundreds of conversations with community organizations, businesses, and families. The number one thing we have heard in these conversations, is the desire for a neighborhood led redevelopment that incorporates parks and open space with necessities like a grocery store, affordable housing and an opportunity for those that live in the neighborhood to take part in the prosperity.
  • Supporting the Park Hill Pirates
    Westside is proud to support the Pirates because they are part of the heartbeat of Park Hill. Throughout their more than 50-year history, the Pirates have strengthened the community by teaching thousands of young men…Read More
  • Westside’s Loretto Heights’ Pancratia Hall to Become Affordable Apartments
    “We are honored that Pancratia Hall Lofts is the first phase of Westside Investment Partners’ master plan that will transform the historic Loretto Heights campus into a vibrant new community,” said Hartman. “This redevelopment will respect the historic character of Pancratia Hall and create truly special affordable apartments for the citizens of Denver. We applaud our entire public/private partnership team for their commitment to overcome many obstacles and bring us to this important day.”
  • McBride Impact/GRASP Enterprise and Kids Above Everything, Inc. Host Back to School Drive
    On Saturday, September 12th, McBride Impact and GRASP Enterprise in conjunction with Kids Above Everything, Inc. held a backpack drive and free hair cut event.
  • Smart Growth Initiative Hosts Community Building Event
    Denver’s Smart Growth Initiative (SGI) hosted a neighborhood food truck BBQ
  • Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion
    On Sunday, July 19th, Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc hosted their 10th annual Student Presentation.
  • McBride Impact and GRASP Meeting on Youth Gun Violence
    On the evening of July 13th, McBride Impact together with GRASP held an emergency community meeting at the Park Hill Clubhouse to address youth gun violence.  The meeting was initiated after 9 murders had taken…Read More
  • In Park Hill, Let’s Value People Over Property
    Denver is my home. After being away for a while, I returned to Denver as a single mother with young children in 1971. I wanted my children to experience the community life that had nurtured me and my siblings. So, I settled my family in the neighborhood that is now known as Northeast Park Hill, which was just considered Park Hill back then. Yet, there were clear boundaries in greater Park Hill demarking areas where primarily the affluent whites lived.