Upcoming Events at the Clubhouse

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions we are not hosting events at the clubhouse.

For information on reserving the clubhouse please click here.


  • Make Your Voice Heard! Fill out the City PHGC Survey
    The City and County of Denver needs your voice!
  • Beware False Choices on the Park Hill Golf Course
    I was born in Denver and raised my family in Northeast Park Hill and North Park Hill, but we never made it across 23rd street into South Park Hill. I have had the privilege of directing the Greater Denver Interfaith Alliance (GDIA) in Northeast Park Hill for the past 21 years, which works to build coalitions to address racial disparities.
  • Denver Post Op-ed: Denver’s Northeast Park Hill doesn’t need a golf course it needs opportunity and housing
    Northeast Park Hill’s history is rich with culture, family-owned restaurants, and local youth sports, especially within the Black community. In the past several decades, however, the neighborhood has faced its challenges.
  • Front Porch: Park Hill Golf Course—Neighbors Speak Out
    The Park Hill Golf Course land may not be close enough to your home to make its future feel like a pressing issue—but it may, soon enough, be in front of you.
  • March Urban Spectrum Op-ed: A Seat at the Table
    Born and raised in North East Denver, I share many warm memories about a community we once knew. I remember skating in the Dahlia Shopping Center and enjoying fried chicken from the Kapre on Holly Street right after a Pirates football practice at Skyland Rec Center.
  • Master Developer’s Crucial Role in Affordability
    Like many communities across the country, Denver is facing an affordable housing crisis. Check out the op-ed below that ran in the Colorado Real Estate Journal from Kenneth Ho on the critical role Master Developers…Read More
  • The Missing Middle Housing Crisis
    This video, based on the history of housing challenges faced in Vancouver, clearly explains and demonstrates the need for “Missing Middle Housing’ in communities across the globe. Missing Middle Housing refers to diverse, multi-family and…Read More
  • Holiday Food Drive
    Westside Investment Partners and Holleran were proud to donate to and participate in the “No One Should Be Hungry, Period” campaign sponsored by Brother Jeff’s Cultural Center. The holiday food drive put together Christmas meals…Read More
  • Denver Green School Students Share their Vision for the Future of PHGC
    Denver Green School Northfield (DGS) asked students to share their vision for the future of the Park Hill Golf Course. As part of a school project, DGS 6th grade students submitted several presentations outlining what…Read More