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Westside believes we can do more to meet access, equity, health, and environmental stewardship goals for Denver and that the time has come to have a community conversation and decide about the future of this land.


In 1997 an agreement was signed between the City and County of Denver and the property owner at the time, Clayton Early Learning, stating that the property would be restricted for use as a regulation length 18-hole daily-use fee public golf course and driving range

A lot has changed since 1997.

Park Hill Golf Club (PHGC) has been closed since the end of 2018 due to a permanent stormwater detention easement and a temporary construction easement on 25 acres of the land filed by the City as part of its Platte to Park Hill project.

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About the Project

We are approaching a new decade in a city that has grown by almost 200,000 people since 1997. Park Hill Golf Club is in an area that does not currently have enough accessible parkland and is rapidly losing affordable housing and families who have called Denver home for generations.  

Due to the legal restraints on the property, City Council will need to approve any new uses other than the golf course and driving range. We believe we can do more with this property.

We Can Do More...

Than dump more than 106 million gallons of water on a golf course, knowing we have experienced drought for 24 of the past 25 years.

We Can Do More...

Than apply 6,200 pounds of fertilizer and more than 1600 pounds of pesticide and weedkiller each year at this site.

We Can Do More...

Than provide golf for a select few, inaccessible to many. Status quo means that only those that can afford to pay a fee are welcome.

Clayton Early Learning conducted a survey of the surrounding neighborhood in 2017 and found that over 86% of people felt a use other than a golf course should be considered on the site.

westside commitments

Westside seeks to work with the community to reimagine this land for the future as a place for multi-generational solutions to current issues facing Denver and the region.

We are here to listen. Westside is committed to authentic and open engagement with our neighbors, we are already working to get to know the people, the history, and the community and will continue to work toward a collaborative vision that aims to understand and respond to community wants and needs.

We are transparent. Westside is committed to communicating clearly how decisions are made and the constraints and opportunities available regarding the future of the site.

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Westside investment partners

In July of 2019 Westside Investment Partners purchased the 155-acre parcel from Clayton Early Learning for $24.35 million. As the new property owners, we have completed some deferred maintenance and have security on site.

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